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The 7th Pattaya One Loft Race Auctions

What is the auction program in 2023?

An online auction lasts most of the time 5 days.
PIPR Online Auctions will run total 14 LOTS.
Ranks 101-500 will be held as follow
LOT1: From 16-20 Jan 2023 Bidding starts at 10,000THB
LOT2: From 23-27 Jan 2023 Bidding starts at 10,000THB
LOT3: From 28 Jan - 1 Feb 2023 Bidding start at 10,000THB
LOT4 onward will be starting on coming soon....

1. LOT4 onward are overseas pigeons who have been pass 530km. only.
2. The owner of the pigeons shall be responsible for taxes to the proceeds in accordance to the taxation law in Thailand.

When are auctions extended in time?

The 1st day of each lot will start at 8.00am and will close on the last day of each lot at 7:00PM. (Thailand time / GMT +7)
When a new bid is made for any given pigeon within the last 10 minutes of an auction closing time, the auctioning closing time of that particular pigeon will be extended by another 10 minutes.
For example:

  • The auction was set to end at 7:00PM. (Thailand time / GMT +7) A bid is made for a certain pigeon at 6:58PM.
  • The auctioning of that pigeon is automatically extended to 7:08PM, the auction for all other pigeons that did not receive a bid in the last 10 minutes will still end at 7:00PM

Where can I see the bids I've placed?

An overview of all your bids is found on the menu "My Auctions" in your Auction Profile on your left.
*Be aware that these are only the bids you’ve placed in one of the currently ongoing auctions.

Payment terms
  • Bidding currency is always in THAI BAHT.
  • Payments must be in THAI BAHT, In case of International banking must be converted to THAI BAHT ONLY.
  • The payment should be paid in full within 2 days from the auction has ended ·Pigeon can only be picked up after PIPR has received your full payment, a proof of payment must be provided in advance to

Payment & charges (bank transfer & credit card)

If you buy a pigeon through, you will be notified via email if you are the highest bid. Email will include all confirmation detail regarding your outbid right after the auction has ended.

You can pay your purchase using one of the following methods:
1. Bank Transfer:
Bank account: 133-3176699

2. Pay by Credit card/ Debit card; Visa, MasterCard,JCB, Union Pay.
  • Click menu “Pay Auctions” : There will show all your particular outbid pigeons.
  • At the bottom of the page, it is “Select a payment method”
  • Please select…Bangkok Bank iPay (Visa, Mastercard)
  • click ” Start Payment “

IMPORTANT steps for overseas fancier:
·Issuer Bank country is where your card has been issued.
·Issuer Bank name: There are a few options of bank list. If you do not find the matching with your card. Please click “Others”

Collecting pigeon
  • Please contact the PIPR staff to arrange a pickup date and time in advance within 7 days after the auction has end.
  • Location: you can collect at Pattaya International Pigeon Race or at the RPIA (temporary office) Click 2 locations's address
  • In the event that the collecting persons are not the actual owner of the pigeon. An authorization letter and payment slip from the pigeon’s owner must be provided only.
  • PIPR is not a transport company. You may need an outsource shipping broker help organize transportation for third parties in any way. Bidder outside of Thailand may need to seek for shipper/ possibility of transport in your country in advance. Export documentation and quarantine processes expenses will be responsible by the bidder.
  • In any pertaining freight expenses shall be responsible by the bidder.

  • PIPR cannot be required in any case to deliver the pigeon(s) before the invoice amount is fully paid.

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